5 Successful Blog Tips

5 Successful Blog TipsFollowing these successful blog tips will help you create a blog that your readers will love, and one that they will return to often to read.


#1  Build a relationship with your audience


  This is the one of the most important things that you will do with your blog.  A blog allows your readers to get to know, like you, and trust you. 


Your blog allows your readers to learn from you and ask you questions.  They will start to see you as an expert in your chosen niche.  I have met some of my greatest friends through their blogs.


#2  Make Your Blog Easy to Read 


If I go to a blog post and it's way too long or the font is so small that I can hardly see it, I don't stick around to read it.  It is better to have shorter blog posts covering the same topic than one massive blog post.  People are in a hurry and don't want to suffer through trying to read your posts.


#3 Collect Emails to Keep in Touch with Your Readers


   You will want to have an easy way for your readers to subscribe to your email list.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to offer them a free gift of some sort.  Make the gift something that your audience would enjoy.  It could be a free article, ebook, video, or something else that you know they will love.  They will give you their email in order to receive the gift and then you can follow up with them and offer them even more valuable content.


#4  Use Awesome Images in Your Posts 


Have you ever gone to a blog and it has awful images?  How long did you stay on that blog?  Images are so important.  A good image can keep people on your blog longer to enjoy what you are talking about or they can send your readers reaching for their mouse to click off of your blog as quickly as they can!


#5 Make your Blog Mobile Friendly


People are starting to use their mobile phones more and more and many of them are browsing the web and reading blogs on their cell phones or tables.  You want your blog to automatically adjust to whatever size screen your reader is using.  Here again, if I have to continually scroll back and forth and it's difficult to read…..I won't take the time to.

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