How Much Transparency Is Too Much?

TrancparencyWe’ve talked before about telling stories and being authentic, and how being your true self is your most powerful branding tactic there is. But just how open and honest should you be when it comes to sharing your story?

I am often surprised at what some people share online.  I love hearing about other people's lives, but sometimes it like TMI! (Too Much Information)  Always remember and think about how your story is going to be received by your audience.

Pat Flynn and Jon Lee Dumas are notorious for their transparency, even going so far as to post their monthly income statements. You might argue that when you’re making the kind of money they do (6+ figures each month) it’s easy to share—perhaps even inspirational to your audience. But it might also be off-putting to some, since talking about money is often seen as bragging. In this case, though, it works in their favor to attract the exact audience that they are after. The others who don't like that kind of information will find different mentors, and that is, after all, the point of marketing.

Transparency comes in other forms as well. Struggles with alcoholism, depression, cancer and other health concerns are commonly shared. Stories of marriage and relationship triumphs (and tragedies) are told. Even spats between competing businesses aren’t off limits for some marketers.

That doesn’t mean, though, that you have to be frank and honest about all areas of your life and business. With a little forethought and planning, you can keep certain aspects of your story private.

Watch Your Social Media Profiles

Here’s where a lot of business owners falter, especially when it comes to Facebook. You have your personal profile, to which you invite friends and family, and your business page, where you talk, well, business.

But there will inevitably be some overlap. Colleagues will slowly filter into your personal timeline, and you into theirs. Pretty soon, your business people are hearing all about your latest bout with the flu and that snarky thing your mother in law said yesterday. Too much? Maybe.

When it comes to your social media sharing, it’s important to pay close attention to not only what you say, but who you’re saying it to. Using privacy settings, contact lists, and even limiting who you “friend” can help maintain your privacy while still being transparent about your business offerings.

Remember, the Internet is Forever

While privacy settings can help, a better way to keep your personal business away from prying eyes is to simply not post it at all. Think of every blog post, Tweet, Facebook status update and Instagram pic as a billboard. If you wouldn’t post it on the side of the highway for all who pass to read it, don’t put it online either. The chance that it will “leak” (despite your best efforts) is great, and once it’s out there, you will not ever get it back.

So think twice about those nasty replies, intimate details, and other confidential information. You just never know who might be reading, and they will affect your brand image.

The bottom line? Know your audience and know yourself. If you’re not comfortable sharing certain aspects of your life and business, chances are they won’t be comfortable hearing about it, either. It’s okay to maintain some privacy, even in this transparent world of online marketing.

Did you find this helpful?  If so, feel free to comment below and share it with your team so they can benefit too.

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Kim Nesbitt

Kim Nesbitt

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Why I’m Using My Lead System Pro

1Are you struggling in your Network Marketing Company and  looking for a way to generate more leads online?  Are you trying to learn specific skills to help you grow your business but you're feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to look? Well, I'm going to share something with you today that is really going to help you.  Several months ago I found a program that is designed to help you grow your home business by teaching you how to get leads online and how to convert those leads into customers and new distributors.  This program will also teach you how to become a leader in your company. It’s called, My Lead System Pro.



What is My Lead System Pro?

mlspMLSP is a very powerful Community that supports you and teaches you Attraction Marketing.  You will learn how to brand yourself to start bringing in qualified leads to join your business.  You will learn how to offer value to your target market and how to have people coming to you instead of you having to chase them down.   Attraction marketing is exactly what it sounds like.  It is marketing in such a way that you are attracting people to you.


If you look at my blog, I’m offering tips and education for network marketers looking to grow their businesses.  By doing this, I am attracting people to me.  I post daily on my personal Facebook page giving my audience helpful information on the niche I’m in.  In turn, I get people reaching out to me wanting to learn more and asking me for help.




  • Training! This is one of the things I love most MLSP! There is an endless amount of training that you get from top leaders in the industry.  There is a daily wake-up call, Monday-Friday that gets your mindset ready for the day. There are several weekly webinars that you can tune into to learn the latest and greatest.  There are hundreds (I'm not joking!) of trainings in the back office.  If you are looking for help in Prospecting, its back there. Facebook Marketing (Yep) Twitter (Yep), Instagram (Yep), Closing (Yep), Attraction Marketing (Yep), Blogging (Yep), Snapchat (Yep) and a so much more!



  • Affiliate Program.  They offer an affiliate program which allows you to earn a commission when you refer others.  Not everyone is looking for a new business and this allows you to help people in other businesses and it also allows you to make an additional income stream. This does not take away from your own network marketing business.


  • Capture Pages.  MLSP has pre-built capture pages that allow you to generate leads without having to learn how to create them on your own.  This is a HUGE benefit and allows you to start collecting leads right away.


  • Community.  MLSP has a private Facebook group that is offered to everyone who joins. All of the top leads are very active in this group.  This community gives you access to a group of people are truly interested in you and your success.  It is a place where you can have your questions answered and is a group of very positive helpful people.  It takes that “Feeling Alone” feeling right away!


  • Blogging.  MLSP recently launched what’s called Sites. It is a site where you can set up your Blog in just a few clicks.  If you have ever thought about blogging or you are trying to set up your blog and are struggling to get it online.  This is a great solution!  Not only is it step by step but there is a great group of people in the private Facebook group that will help you get your blog up and running.

Does It Work?

2016-06-06_1629Yes! It will work if you follow the training inside and set it up as intended.  Your blog is your home on the internet it helps you attract more people to you and generate more leads.  Your blog allows people to get to know, like and trust you.  However, if you join and then don't set it up or follow the directions, then no, it’s not going to work for you.


What Does It Cost? 

Yes, there is a monthly fee to join My Lead System Pro but you can get a 10 day trial for only $10!  I would definitely suggest giving it a test drive if you’re serious about building your business and see for yourself the power behind it.

How Can I Join?

If someone else has already introduced you to MLSP then get with them and grab their link.  If you were introduced by me, I would suggest grabbing the 10 day trial for $10 by Clicking Here. Overall, I can’t say enough good things about my experience with MLSP.  It’s already helped me generating leads on a weekly basis and I want that for you as well.

Did you find this helpful?  If so, feel free to comment below and share it with your team so they can benefit too.

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What’s In A Brand?

Have you heard people talking about their brand?  Do you know what they mean by that?  Why is having a brand so important?

 Your brand defines who you are and what you do, while also setting you apart from others like you. It emphasizes the unique value that you offer your customers. It's the reason they buy from you and not from someone else. Your brand is communicated through everything your company does, from its design motifs and logo to the products, services and promotions it offers.

 Who Is Your Company?

 In order to formulate your brand, you have to see how your company is viewed by the public. Who do they see you as? What are your values as they perceive them?

It's useful to think in terms of personal characteristics, even if you're considering the personality of a company. Just like a person, a company can be brash and bold, or it can be gentle and unassuming. It can be smart, strong, athletic, youthful or conservative. If your company were a person, who would it be?

 Know Your Customers

The most important part of developing your brand is getting to know your customers. Brands don't actually exist in the objective world. They exist inside the minds of customers. So, you need to get inside your customers' heads and understand what they think and how they feel about you.

 You need to understand the demographic you cater to, as well as psychological factors such as how they see themselves and how they think about money. You should know their buying habits, which brands they buy from, and how they feel about these brands.

 Consistency Is Key

 A good brand is consistent. The public should get the same message every time they come into contact with you. Consistency is especially important online where you have many more touch points with your market than offline. Image plays a bigger part online, so consistency across all media is key.

 Your brand should also provide a seamless user experience. The user experience should be in harmony with the image your brand projects. Apple is a company that does this well. Their brand communicates that they produce the trendiest, high tech products that improve our lives, and that are clean, simple and easy to use. Their marketing, their products, and their customer service all strive to communicate this message.

 All in the Mind

Always remember that brand is in your customers' mind, not in the real world. It's not necessarily something about your company, but what your market perceives it to be. Aim to make associations in people's minds with your company.

 This is why people pay so much money for Swiss watches, even today when we all have cell phones that tell time for us. There is still something about a Swiss watch in the buyer's mind that conveys much more than a timepiece. It communicates luxury, craftsmanship, and even the culture and history behind the Swiss watch. This is its brand.

Tell me about your brand in the comments section.  I'd love to learn more about you!

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Kim Nesbitt

Kim Nesbitt
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PS: If Your Upline Does Not Have a Step-By-Step Blueprint For ONLINE Marketing Success, Check This Out (Unless You Already Have Too Many Leads) – CLICK HERE FOR INSTANT ACCESS

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